NYTimes: Waves and Wildlife in Costa Rica

IT’S not every day that you step out from a sunset surf session straight into a jungle habitat of howler monkeys dangling in leafy guarumo trees, cicadas conducting a symphony, and a pair of white-nosed coati — raccoon-like animals with striped tails and masks — strolling across a dirt road, sending geckos darting out of their path. It was so enchanting that I even forget to swat at the mosquitoes hovering about, getting ready to divebomb my legs.

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San Juanillo, A Hidden Paradise

A Sunday afternoon road trip through the dusty roads between Guiones Beach and San Juanillo took us to a town where our car engine seemed to disturb the silence. At first glance, with the soccer field, the church and the school that create the center of the town, it didn’t look that different from any other Costa Rican coastal towns. However, arriving at the San Juanillo Beach made the first big difference.

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Don’t Miss the Dog Show!

7 June – 9:00 a.m. – 4th Annual BLK-9 Dog Show To be held at Campo Alegre’s tennis courts (Linda Cox’s home) Bring your dog (on a leash) a chair, an umbrella, a picnic basket & cooler & get ready to have some fun! Enjoy Hot Dogs, Salty Dogs, Greyhounds, and Hair-of-the-Dog Bloody Mary’s, all available for a small donation. All proceeds benefit Nosara Animal Care the non-profit organization that helps low income families provide quality veterinarian care for their pets, including spaying and neutering.

Here’s a great article about Nosara

Imagine a small, beautiful beach town surrounded by jungle and wildlife with a peaceful multicultural community and many of the comforts of home. That place, named by National Geographic as one of the top surf towns in the entire world, exists. It is called Nosara.
Expats who live in Nosara will tell you there is no better place on earth. Read more on vivatropical.com